A New York based Investment Firm founded in 2008 focused on investing in public and privately held companies.

Our goal at EIN Capital is to establish a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with all of our portfolio companies.

Every investment is custom catered to suit the financial situation, growth goals and business objectives of each organization.

We work closely with management to implement an investment strategy that will lead to success.

Our extensive network of professionals enables us to be more than just a financial investor but a true value added partner.

Through our extensive due diligence process we are confident in continued success in all of our investments.

We look at the big picture when investing and identify opportunities where others can’t.

EIN’s optimistic but cautious investing approach allows us to make smart decisions.

Our achievements are solely measured on the success of companies we invest in.

We emphasize a sector agnostic approach which allows us to be well diversified in all industries.

We take the time to understand a business and its goals which allows us to make smarter investment decisions.

Our strategic approach allows us to be a friendly investor to current shareholders.

EIN’s ability to be a financial partner allows management to focus on executing the business plan and achieving success by eliminating financial pitfalls which most small to mid-market cap companies are subject to.

We invest in early and mid-stage private and public companies for growth, expansion, working capital and other business expansion initiatives.


160 Pearl St. 5th FL, New York, NY 10005 (877)651-8110