We invest in early and mid-stage private and public companies for growth, expansion, working capital, balance sheet restructuring and other business expansion initiatives. We work closely with management to better understand the needs of a company and create a plan for success.

Our investments range from $250,000 - $10,000,000 depending on the development stage and financial needs of the company. We cater a solution that best fits a company’s needs through a variety of structures such as; bridge loans, convertible debt, secured loans, preferred equity and straight common stock.

Our ability to provide capital in an expedited time makes us a valuable asset to any company. We understand that at different stages of growth an infusion of capital is required to elevate the company to the next level or assist in the necessary expansion or cash flow needs. Our understanding of capital markets allows us to maximize the potential of every company we invest in.

Investment Criteria

We look for businesses with strong management teams that have a proven track record. We analyze the barriers to entry, technology and niche positions in the marketplace. Our main focus is on growth companies in large and addressable markets. We identify the direction the company is headed and its main objectives. At EIN Capital our due diligence process is methodical and extensive, we pride ourselves in looking at all material factors. We work with companies ranging between $10,000,000 -$200,000,000 market capitalizations. Evaluating the company’s financial statements and all filings are among the first fundamental underwriting steps in our process.

Our Philosophy

Our emphasis is to be a dependable, consistent and transparent source of capital to companies. We take a long term approach in all of our investments which keeps companies at ease when a need for capital arises. EIN’s integrity goes a long way having the company and common shareholders in mind throughout the investment process. We want our investments to help our portfolio companies meet their objectives. At EIN our success is measured based on the success of our portfolio companies.

We invest in early and mid-stage private and public companies for growth, expansion, working capital and other business expansion initiatives.


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